Residents for Torrey Pines Safety

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July 30, 2014
La Jolla Light reports that Phase I of the Torrey Pines Road Corridor Project will begin in 2015. 
Torrey Pines Corridor Project Update: Phase 1 to begin in 2015.
Article in the Light

July 15, 2014
La Jolla Light article spotlights Sherry Nooravi's call for open discussion in community meetings.
Technology and open discussion can increase participation, diversity in community meetings.
Article in the Light


September, 13 2012
Channel 10 News reporter Natasha Zouves crosses Torrey Pines Road in heels to demonstrate the danger and support local residents.

August 2012,
La Jolla Light Article, Residents demand to know:  What's holding up Torrey Pines Road corridor Project?

Dec, 7 2011
Sherry Nooravi featured in the Light for leadership. Story in the La Jolla Light.

June, 2011
Traffic and Transportation meeting votes to support Segment 4 of TPR for Phase I.  Story in the La Jolla Light.

Can all of TPR be funded for safety and beautfication? Article in SDNews

May 31, 2011
Union Tribune article lists Torrey Pines Road at Princess Street as Trouble Spot #1 in San Diego.

Mar 30, 2011

Feb 26, 2011
Feb 2, 2011
La Jolla Light: Torrey Pines Road Deserves Attention

Feb 2, 2011
Community View: Moving forward on Torrey Pines Road
Community View: Moving forward on Torrey Pines Road