Residents for Torrey Pines Safety

Timeline of Events

December 13, 2014  City Council - Approves $1.5M for Torrey Pines Road.

This week City Council approved funding $1.5M in funding for Phase I, including removal of sidewalk obstructions, paved median and pedestrian crossing at Princess Street. 

July 7, 2011  LJCPA - Passes motion recommending  immediate improvements and maintenance to Torrey Pines Rd

Approved Motion: Moved that the La Jolla Community Planning Association recommends the following:

1. The scope of Phase 1 of the Torrey Pines Road Improvement Project shall include:

a. Councilmember Lightner’s offer of two V-Calm signs (to be installed as soon as funding is secured) and

b. a reduction in the width of the travel lanes over the entire length of the corridor to provide an important measure of traffic calming;

  1. Secure all permitting and environmental clearances for the entire scope of the project to facilitate subsequent phasing as well as opportunities for public-private partnerships;


  2. As soon as possible and no later than Phase 1 relocate all city-owned structures located withing sidewalks and trim all vegitation that interferes with sidewalks and bike lanes;

  3. Improve coastal view access as called-out in the adopted La Jolla Community Plan and the Local Coastal Plan; 


  4. Improve the safety debris fences. 

Minutes of the meeting

June 23, 2011  T&T - Votes to support Segment 4 (5-1-1), Councilman Lightner promises V-calm
At a special 6 pm meeting of the T&T subcommittee of the LJCPA, Sherri Lightner read an impassioned plea for support of this project beginning at segment 4, closest to La Jolla Shores Drive.  Lightner promised the installation of a V-calm on Torrey Pines Rd.

April 28, 2011  T&T - Division of TPR into 8 Segments presented
Robert Thiele presented a division of the 4 segments into 8, requesting priority for the north side of Torrey Pines Road.  The Committee agreed to ask the City engineers to estimate costs of the 8 separate segments and to schedule voting items for the May T&T meeting.

Jan 19, 2011 - City Engineers Present Preliminary Plan
City engineers present the engineering draft of the plan
(Slides from the Presentationand will solicit community input at the upcoming February 24 meeting of the La Jolla Community Planning Association, Traffic and Transportation.  An article by Dave Schwab describing the initial plans appeared in The La Jolla Light.

Year End 2010.  Finish of Engineering Consultant Contract

A preliminary engineering plan is expected at the end of the year.  This work was funded by ARRA money.  

Dec 15, 2008 - Council Resolution 304484 is passed
City Council votes to accept the 21 recommendations for the improvements to Torrey Pines Road as described in the Corridor study.

Jan 3, 2008 – Robert Thiele presented a copy of the TPR community plan to LJTC president Anne Cleveland.  


Feb 1, 2007 –LCPA approves pedestrian light

LJCPA approves traffic signal at Princess Street for pedestrian & left turn only.

Jan 26, 2007 – LJCPA T&T meeting

Committee voted against the proposed Traffic light at Princess Street Vote:  4-2-0   


Jul 28, 2005-  LJCPA

Presentation of Torrey Pines Corridor traffic study and its  recommendations. Petition for Board support of recommendations.

Motion to support the overall plan.          

 Vote: 6-0-0